A Wide Variety of Deli and Grocery Products

Deli With Fresh Salads and Ready to Eat Foods

In our deli we make our own salads fresh daily, try some of our tuna or potato salad or something more unique like our homemade spinach pie. They are all tasty and perfect for a quick meal. We also offer a large selection of Amish meats and cheeses from Walnut Creek Foods. They are a customer favorite for their quality and value.


The Holidays are almost here so its time to start being festive.
Get the party started with our cider, old fashioned candy, apple butter, fruitcake, fudge, spiced cider kits and many other delectable Christmas essentials. Our store is also stocked full of many different types of unique groceries and must-haves to fill your pantry. Among these are our many Michigan made products. Additionally, if you are looking for a real treat try our Walnut Creek Amish products which are so popular they practically jump off the shelves. We strive to have all the last minute ingredients to help you get a delicious dinner on the table on time.